Thoughtfulness is not Dead

Mother Theresa said “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” How many times have we all said “It’s the thought that counts?” But we didn’t always believe it when we said it, right? Well, today let me give you some encouragement to know the thought does really count and thoughtfulness is not dead.

As a busy wife and mom of two I often get caught up in the day to day activities, chores, errands, etc…Sometimes, ok, lets be honest, most of the time, I feel overwhelmed and discouraged that I’m not out in the world making a difference. So lately I’ve tried to calm my fears and realize that even I can make a difference just by caring about others before myself. Its amazing how much better you can feel when you do something for someone else, whether its a family member, friend, neighbor, or complete stranger.

Here are some things that I have done over the past few months that I think put a smile on someone’s face. Things that are easy to do and you can do too!:)

I recently had a girlfriend find out she was pregnant with her first baby after a long time of waiting. As soon as she told me (of course I started crying; not because I wanted to have another baby but because she so deserved to be a mommy) I grabbed all of my pregnancy books that I had collected during my 2 pregnancies, wrapped a huge bow around them and left them on her doorstep. I also included a box of “Preggie Pops” to help with the nausea that she was already experiencing. I think she was pretty excited to open her door and made it even more official that she was having a baby!

A couple friends of mine recently moved into their first home. One lived a bit far so I ordered a Welcome mat, from Target, (gotta love their free shipping with their credit card) and had it sent directly to their new home.

imageAnother friend lived closer so I was able to do a more “traditional” housewarming gift. I filled a bag with; Wine-so they may always have joy and never go thirsty, Salt-so that they may always have flavor in their lives, Bread-so that they may never go hungry and a Candle- so that they may always have light in their new home. It may sound simple or even cheesy, but they really appreciated the thought behind the gift!IMG_7466

Another girlfriend of mine recently had twin girls. Can we just pause and say to all those parents out there with multiples…you are amazing! Ok, back to the story…As much as I wish I could have given my time to this friend to help her with her new twins and 2.5 yr old, I knew that wasn’t going to be possible. So I came up with another idea to help…its called This website is awesome! You create a meal drop-off schedule, email those who are interested in helping, then those people pick a day that is best for them and they drop off food. It was super easy to set up and my friend was very appreciative that so many people offered to make them a meal. The website even offers meals through them if you live too far away and can’t deliver it yourself. I also included phone numbers to a few restaurants that delivered in case people wanted another option. I highly suggest doing this for any family with a new born baby or anyone having a major surgery or even an elderly person who may be sick. It is such a nice gesture and everyone loves a good meal.

Recently I’ve had some amazing neighbors and friends that have gone out of their way to help me. One dropped off flowers and a card after hearing the news of my Papa passing away.FullSizeRender Another just came to give me a hug when I was sad & crying. This was so sweet and I really appreciated both acts of kindness. On a different occasion a friend dropped off a bag of groceries when my daughter was only about a month old…which I paid forward just last week when I brought a bag of food to another mom who just had her second bambino. Another time a neighbor dropped her plans and came rushing over when I needed someone to sit with my son while I held my sick baby girl and the hubby was at work. These are just a few examples of the kindness that has been shown to me recently.

So the next time you feel swamped at work, overwhelmed with the kids or just down in the dumps I hope this inspires you to “do small things with great love!” -Mother Theresa


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  1. Stephanie

    So very true, Jenny!! You have blessed me and my family! Very blessed to call you my friend. Love being reminded about how we can serve others. In the end, we are the ones that end up being blessed. : )

    • Jenny

      Thank you Stephanie! Your kindness to me and my family has been such a blessing! Thank you for everything you do for others!

  2. Brenda

    You are such a thoughtful person & I appreciate everything you have done. 🙂 You can’t forget to mention the delicious zucchini muffins. 😉

    • Jenny

      Thanks Brenda! You have saved me so many times and I am so thankful!!!

  3. Sue hobbs

    Thoughtfulness is contagious!! Thanks for the great ideas….

  4. Erika Rodriguez

    Very sweet!

  5. Caroline Rogers

    This is such a great post! The great thing too is when you start focusing on others instead of yourself and the things you are feeling about your own day, the stress starts to melt! We were not meant to do this life alone, I think sometimes I need a kindness counts bracelet or ribbon tied to my finger/purse or something for when things feel….. ( I try not to even speak the O word, because the minute I do the feeling gets worse). I would also like to point out how many times I’ve been on the receiving end of Princess turned Mom’s out pouring of kindness and thoughtfulness, sometimes even a friendly text can go a long way!

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much Caroline! You are so true about not meaning to spend this life alone! You are such a sweet friend and I love going through life with you!! XOXO!

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