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Pirate and Mermaid Party

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate (or a mermaid).”

Y’all know by now that I love to throw a good party! But having two kids with their birthday’s in September makes it a little tricky to not go a bit crazy with all the party planning. So this year we decided to combine their parties into one shindig and it turned out great! I picked a theme that worked for both boys and girls and went to work.Pirate and Mermaid Party

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Theme: Pirate and Mermaid Party

Paper Products: My first stop for this is always Delight Invite for all my paper needs. They always send me the best quality products including the adorable invites, thank you cards and cupcake toppers. I have worked with this company for the past three years and I am never disappointed! They are a family run business and they can customize anything you need. Do yourself a favor and let them design your next party, you will thank me later!;)

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party


Location: Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center. We have been going here for years to swim and play, but I recently found out they did parties (and weddings) and it was a no brainer the party had to be here. It not only tied in our theme of water perfectly, but the staff was so helpful and made my job even easier. They supplied and set up all our tables and chairs, plates, napkins, and even had a drink station ready for all our guests as they arrived. I highly recommend this to anyone throwing a birthday party or even looking for a pretty backdrop for a shower or wedding (the golf course in the back makes for beautiful photos as you will see).





Attire: I have come to the realization that for the first few years the parties for your children are really a family celebration that you have kept your sweet babies alive for another year (I’m kidding, kind of)! So I think its a great idea to get everyone on board with the party by wearing themed shirts. My friend over at LittleDoveDesigns created the most adorable shirts for our entire family and I am in LOVE! Plus, we can definitely wear them again. She is offering a 15% discount NOW through 10/7 if you use the code “princessturnedmom” on anything in her shop (and trust me when I say you definitely want to go check out her shop)!!

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Gifts: I began with working with the sweetest mom from JoannGraceDesigns who makes personalized blankets and towels. Every little kid loves to see their name on their things, so I knew this would be the perfect gift/decoration for our kiddos. She was able to fit our Pirate/Mermaid theme perfectly and working with her was a breeze. The towels came and I was so impressed with how soft and thick they were, much nicer than the ones I normally buy, giving them a luxurious feel without the price. Not to mention they are adorable! Use code “princess2mom16” for 15% off your order THIS WEEK ONLY (ends 9/29).




Decorations: Instead of talking in detail about everything we did, I am just going to show you!;) From the food to the desserts, from the treasure chest filled with swords to the pirate ship piñata, from the “walk the plank” and all the shark/mermaid tails, everything turned out perfect and I hope you love it as much I did! Enjoy.Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Our “walk the plank” was complete with shark fins and mermaid tail (all made and painted by my amazing hubby). And can I just say that all the kids LOVED this activity?!! So much fun!







The dessert table filled with sweet treats from the bakery at Ralphs (no one can compare to their prices and how yummy everything tastes). Pirate and mermaid signs are from Hobby Lobby, as well as the numbers (that we painted). Treasure boxes are from Michael’s (again, we painted them). The “pirates gold” are oreo’s spray painted gold with an edible spray paint. Cupcake toppers are from Delight Inviteimg_9521





The food table was filled with “cheese maps,” “crab legs,” “seaweed dip,” “fish food,” and of course “pirates booty.” We also had a healthy salad, yogurt & applesauce pouches for the kids and pizza.

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party


Tables were decorated with black & white table runners, gold coins and either containers filled with shells, mermaids, “cannon balls” which were malt balls, a pirate ship which was also the piñata and we even used the towels from JoannGraceDesign to designate the kids special birthday chairs.image

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party

We had a treasure chest for the kids and they could pick out a foam sword and other pirate loot. I made a sign that said “You’re our greatest treasure” for the inside of it. Then each child got a bag to hold all their treasure and to stash away candy from the piñata.

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Pirate and Mermaid Party

Thanks for swimming by…we arrrgh so glad you came to our pirate and mermaid party!;)




*Some products were sent to me as gifts, but all my opinions are my own!;)

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  1. stephanie

    Absolutely perfection!!! Had a blast celebrating Captain Colton and Mermaid Rosie!!! Great job, as always!!! : ) So so so talented!!!!

  2. Sarah

    As always, so impressed by you Jenny!! This party was incredible!

  3. Shahla @treehousethreads

    The party turned out fabulously! I love how you blended the party themes!! The walk the plank was so creative!!

  4. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    Oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you how much I love everything! It all turned out so great! Well done momma!

  5. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Oh my goodness, everything just came out terrific! Good job lady, and the shark fins, so darn cute! 🙂 You and I need to start a party planning business, hehe.

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