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Mommy & Me Swimwear

“Life isn’t perfect, but your swimwear can be.” 

Lets face it, I love matching my little’s. The obsession started with just our shoe wear; Converse & Toms have great options for the entire family. I’ll often pick a color for all of us to wear when going on an outing. But lately, I’ve been loving all the mommy & me outfits that companies are designing.

Enter Rad Swim. They have the most adorable swimwear for women, teens & girls. Plus, and here is the really big winner for me, the suits are all so flattering!! I don’t always feel like bearing my stomach since having kids, but I also want to feel cute, on trend and confident. These swim suits are the best of both worlds! They hold me in on all the right places, but I also feel pretty and absolutely LOVE that I can match with my little.

We went to the Disneyland hotel recently to meet up with some family and everyone loved our suitsMommy & Me Swimwear

You can now see why I love these suits!;) The fun floral print, bright colors…

Mommy & Me Swimwear

The back makes me feel just a little bit sexy…

Mommy & Me Swimwear

As soon as our daughter saw her suit she immediately wanted to put it on and did not want to take it off!

Mommy & Me Swimwear

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Mommy & Me Swimwear

And this is just one of the styles that they have for a matching option. I also ordered this one, which the company told me they are not re-stocking, so if you love it as much as I do, I would go check it out now before the size that you want is gone! Rosie’s size was actually already gone, so I decided to go up and she can wear it next summer. The gold metallic polka-dots paired with the bright coral was love at first sight.

Mommy & Me Swimwear

For this suit I also ordered the cutest little skirt to go with it (which is currently on sale for $9, you can thank me later), for when I want to walk around pool side with just a bit more coverage.

Mommy & Me Swimwear

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Rad Swim and all their adorable suits now before the summer heat hits!;) Do you like to match with your little(s)?

Mommy & Me Swimwear



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  1. Tenille

    I think the matching swimsuits are awesome!! This post just got me excited for all the mother daughter matching experiences I can have with my daughter ?

  2. Sarah

    Love love love these suits!! Going to check out their stuff. It’s so hard to find good modest suits- the fact they match our kiddos is even better!

  3. Sue

    Love the matching suits!! Absolutely Adorable!!!

  4. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    So darn cute! Love mommy and me matching anything, but those suites are too cute!

    • Jenny

      Right?!? I love anything matching too…but these are just awesome!;)

  5. Cameron

    Soooo cute Baby! You guys look FANTASTIC! ❤? ❤

  6. stephanie

    Jenny, I absolutely LOVE these!!!!! You guys are rocking them!!! Will definitely check them out!!!

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