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“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.” -Dave Willis

We are all guilty of it, scrolling social media mindlessly when we are bored or want to escape our current reality. We quickly scan through status updates, pictures, pins, tweets, without so much as even liking a thing. But did you know that for some people a single “like” can help them grow their business, get more traffic to their website, or even allow them to gain interest in companies that want to work with people who have more “engagement” on their social media profiles? These people are called bloggers (or social media influencers), people like me, so just “like” me! Let me explain a little more.

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I am a stay at home mom, but I am also a work at home mom between the hours of 8:30pm-12am (sometimes even later if I have a deadline). I blog because I love to write and encourage others. Touching lives is truly the most important part for me. I want to use this platform to lift up, love and laugh with people in the same shoes as me. BUT if I can do all of this and also help buy dance classes, soccer cleats, or even a little vacation for my family that would be a cherry on top.

Just "Like" Me

When you, the reader, “like” or even comment on my posts it shows companies that y’all are interested in what I have to say and they in turn want to work with me. It could mean they might want to place an ad on my website, send me products to review, or even pay me for my writing and knowledge. It takes a lot of work to stay up late when you are an exhausted mama, writing, editing, taking photos, staying on top of all social media platforms and keeping current with hot topics.

So, if you could help a blogger out, then just “like” me! Please. Hit that little button and give me a thumbs up or a heart, maybe even leave me a comment, or do I dare say share an article that you thought was well written, or spoke to you in some way. I promise a little goes a long ways. Especially with the holiday’s coming up, bloggers have fantastic gift ideas that you can shop directly from their links (like this one here), which will in return put just a little extra money in their pocket this season. So don’t only “shop small” this year, shop your nearest blogger! Thank you in advance from all the bloggers out there and especially this hard working mama.

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Just "Like" Me

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  1. April

    Well said…everything about it is true!

  2. Susan Hobbs

    Who would have thought a simple push of a button could encourage someone you may not even know! God can’t make it much easier!!
    Thank you for sharing all your ideas, suggestions, and heart-felt messages!

  3. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    haha, yes! Shop your nearest blogger, you’re too cute, all of this is so true! When I see blogging friends articles pop up I always try to like and read what they have…:)

    • Jenny

      I know there is so much out there…even I have a hard time keeping up reading everyone’s articles! But I always try to like to boost numbers!;)

  4. stephanie

    I don’t just like you….I love you!!! : ) Been a Jenny fan since day 1 and will continue to root you on on this fun blogging journey!!! “When women support women incredible things happen.” I will go a step further and say when people support people out of this world things happen!!! : ) Love and blessings always!!!

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much friend! Your support and encouragement has meant the world to me! XOXO!

  5. Rebekah

    This is spot on! Like some others have mentioned I try not to sound like I’m brgging friends and family for likes or engagement becausr they see my blog as a hobby not necessarily as something that could be helping my family out financially, although I haven’t really told them that it could so that isn’t totally their fault for that assumption. I would love to start bringing in some more money with my blog next year. Sharing!

    • Jenny

      Yes, I don’t think my family or friends really realized this either, that is why I wanted to explain. I am not really making much yet (I have made under $60 between all my social media outlets since I started a 1.5 years ago), but it is a goal of mine to bring in even just a little extra to help financially.

  6. Julie

    Yes yes and thank you for saying this! And I especially love the shop your blogger part!

    • Jenny

      Thank you for reading! Yes, shop bloggers! We put so much time into researching products why not trust our opinion?!;)

  7. Angela Kim

    Thank you for writing this very important post! I have trouble explaining this to my non-blogger friends because I don’t want to sound like I’m begging for “likes” and attention. It really is not for personal reasons but for professional! Great topic and great point my friend.

  8. Whitney

    Thanks for saying it! I feel like there’s some shaming of bloggers who use affiliate links or want engagement but it’s as normal as generating new sales for a company. Well written!
    Ps I am loving your Instagram stories!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Whitney! It’s so true, it’s not just a “hobby” it’s a business and there shouldn’t be any shame in that! Especially since it is helping people that want to learn from our experiences.

  9. Caroline Rogers

    Thanks for the reminder! I think everyone who loves and enjoys your blog and others would be happy to like and comment!!

    • Jenny

      Thanks friend! You are always so great at liking, commenting and sharing! Love you! XOXO!

  10. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    Yes Jenny!! For me I have almost the opposite problem while I’m scrolling through social media, I tend to mindlessly like things without thinking about it! But I guess of the two that’s probably better because at least I’m helping somebody out. ?

    • Jenny

      Haha! That’s kinda funny, but you are totally right, you are definitely helping someone out!!

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