The Story of Us

“I’m gonna love you like nobody loves you, and I’ll earn your trust making memories of us.” -Keith Urban

Maybe because this week marks the tenth anniversary of our first date, or maybe because I just felt like looking through some old photo’s I decided to share the story of us…

Ten years ago, on January 18th, a tall, dark, handsome man stepped off a plane in Japan to meet a doe-eyed, twenty something year old girl in person for the first time. Hearts were pounding, palms were sweating and the anticipation was unpalatable.

Rewind four months earlier to an email, or if I were to tell you the truth, a message on Myspace. Yes, I realize this may age me, but this was before Facebook and Instagram, back when Myspace was the place to connect with friends. I was living in Japan working for Tokyo Disneyland on a performing contract and I was just getting my feet wet in a nine month contract. One hot, humid September evening I received a message from a very handsome stranger. The message was simple and sweet, but as I scoured his page for more details, I realized this must be a joke. My reading revealed that he was a Firefighter and a former Disney Prince, I figured this could not be real, so I kept my distance and did not respond. A day later, I received another message just to calm any fears I may have that we did indeed have some common friends and he was not some crazy Myspace stalker. Well, this was enough to peek my interest, I had to find out more about this seemingly too-good-to-be-true guy.

I asked a few friends at work about the Prince Charming Firefighter and they all had nothing but wonderful things to say about Mr. Right. In fact, one friend said “he is single, you are single, y’all should make babies.” Well, I was not ready to make babies (just yet), but I did want to know more. So I took a chance and decided to email him back. It wasn’t long before I realized he was the real deal.

After months of talking via email, webcam (before there was FaceTime) and on the phone we were (do I dare say it)…in love!! Crazy right?!? I think back on it, especially now that we have a daughter, and I believe I might have a heart attack if our daughter said she met some man online and after a few months of talking was in love with him!! In any case we decided it was time to meet in person. He offered to buy a flight to Japan so that we could have our first date, which I planned to be sumo wrestling (insert laughter here).

And that is where the beginning of our story picks back up. The doe-eyed girl awaiting her Prince Charming at the airport to be swept off her feet for the very first time. And just like in the movies, it was like a dream (insert eye rolls here for all you non-cheesy, non-Disney people).IMG_2974



To spare you any more unbearable, over the top, romantic movie scenes, I will say…the rest is pretty much history. After spending three weeks together in Japan, he flew back to California to wait for me to finish my contract before I could move closer to him. We were engaged about a year after I moved to Southern California, married a year after that and a few weeks before our fourth wedding anniversary I gave birth to our first baby; a boy. Two years after that our second came along; a little girl. To say we have been blessed is an understatement.





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Now before you go and think we just rode off into the sunset and all has been just perfectly peachy keen, with no bumps in the road, think again. Every relationship has its trials, its ups and downs. If you don’t believe me, read some of my other blogs; The Biggest Fight We Ever Had or even Why I didn’t like my Baby. You will see we all struggle with different challenges that come our way. But in the end, it is reassuring when you find someone who will stand by you in weakness and in strength, for better or worse.

May you each find your own version of happily ever after…




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  1. Patty Moliterno

    I am going to share your story with my adult daughter who is waiting for her Prince Charming to show up. This is such a great love story.

    • Jenny

      Ah, thank you so much! I hope she does find her Prince! Some take longer to find!;)

  2. Angela Kim

    A true fairytale. What a beautiful story. You two are so blessed!

  3. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Oh my goodness you two are just the cutest, love this story. I met my hubby in a bar in Hollywood, haha.

    • Jenny

      I love it! Everyone has a unique story, even if it is meeting in a bar!;) XOXO!!

  4. Caroline Rogers

    Sweet Friend you were the answer to our prayers and I’ve loved you since the day we met you!! I love reading your post, I can remember thinking it was a bit crazy that he was flying all the way to Japan to have a first date! Don’t worry, Gods got a plan for your babies just like you and your Hubby and we’ll hold your hand and pray for you say if she meets someone 10 years her senior and falls in love with him after a couple weeks, cause that works too?

    • Jenny

      That is pretty crazy that both of us knew so quickly…great love stories are really the best! I am so blessed to have you two as friends! XOXO!!!

  5. Stephanie

    Soooo precious, Jenny!! Love!! “Just like the movies…that’s how it should be….when he’s the one I’ll come undone and my world will stop spinning…~Katy Perry : )

  6. Jodi

    Just one of the greatest love stories…EVER!! Seriously, this is what Nicholas Sparks movies are made of and I am so happy to be a little bit of your life together. Love you!!

    • Jenny

      Oh gosh…I Love Nicholas Sparks…to even be put in that category!<3 Love you!!

  7. Sue Hobbs

    So glad now that you have a daughter of your own, you can admit how crazy that sounds to a mom! Falling in love after four months, with someone you have never met in person! With that being said, who doesn’t believe in “love stories” ? “Not I” says a mom!! So happy for the four of you!! May God continue to orchestrate your lifes!

    • Jenny

      LOL! You are the best mom! Thanks for always giving me the benefit of the doubt! Love you so much!

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