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The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

“For unto us a child is born.” -Isaiah 9:6

Elf on a Shelf is a beloved activity that kids and families enjoy playing during the holiday season. But what if you are desiring to put the Christ back in Christmas? What if you want focus on the birth of our Savior instead of Santa? Well, now there is the alternative to Elf on a Shelf and it is called The Christmas Star from Afar.

The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

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The Star from Afar is a family fun game that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas. The idea is quite simple. Set up the nativity set. Then each night you hide the star and when the children wake they find the star and take the wise men to its new location.

The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

Upon Christmas Day the star will finally make its way to the manger where Jesus was born and the wise men will find what they have been searching for; the King of Kings.

The Alternative to Elf on a Self

The box comes with a complete nativity set and book for you to read to your kids explaining the story of Christmas and the meaning behind the star. They will learn how it lead the wise men to find baby Jesus and will help your children reconnect with the true meaning of Christmas. The book also includes daily scripture for further bible devotion time.

The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

My kids had so much fun getting in some early practice with their new Star from Afar. We read the story together then I would hide the star and they took turns finding it and bringing the wise men to its location. Then we went over what happens on Christmas Day and I got to watch as their faces lit up with joy when they took the wise men to see baby Jesus laying in the manger.


If you are wondering how you can begin this tradition for your children, look no further. Visit the website and use the code “FOLLOWTHESTAR” to get your Star from Afar with a 10% discount (code good until 12-25-16)!

The Alternative the Elf on a Shelf

The company is also doing amazing things with their profits. They have partnered with the director of Lifegate International to give a Star from Afar to an orphanage in Sierra Leone along with hosting a Christmas party for these children. They were also able to donate a box to each family at Open Arms Day Care in La Mission Mexico. I just love it when a company goes above and beyond to show Christ like love.

The Alternative to Elf on a Shelf

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  1. Starla

    Love this idea in keeping Christ in Christmas. We decided to use Melk the Christmas Monkey. http://bit.ly/2hTbp27

  2. Amber K

    Star From Afar 2x
    What a wonderful tradition to begin! Absolutely love this!

    • Jenny

      This giveaway has closed, but you can still use the discount code! Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Jennifer Abbott

    Star from afar! We just got out our advent cards and need this!

    • Jenny

      Jennifer so glad you love Star from Afar, we do too! You can use the code to get a discount, but the giveaway is closed.

  4. Cheyenne

    Star from Afar 2x

  5. Kim

    Star From Afar

  6. Patty

    This is a great Christian alternative

  7. Michele

    Star from Afar 🙂

  8. Natalie

    Love this “Star From Afar”
    What a wonderful tradition for the family.

  9. stephanie

    Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!! Great idea!!!! Must have!!!! “Star from Afar”

  10. Mary Powell

    “Star From Afar”

    This is so wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! 🙂

  11. Everyday Joey

    “Star from Afar”

    I love this alternative to Elf on a Shelf (I honestly find the elf EXTREMELY creepy) I love how this points focus on the Savior, as well as the Christmas story. Great for kids, and for the family.

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much for entering! I love this so much too! Re-focusing on the true meaning of Christmas!

  12. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    Such a fun idea!! I was thinking you could do a similar thing with any nativity set, but I guess most don’t have a movable star and this is child friendly, so I love that!

    • Jenny

      You know, I thought that too…but I love the book and the moveable star and the fact that it is so kid-friendly!;)

  13. Rachel Hanchett

    “Star from Afar”
    Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Lauren Weeks

    “Star From Afar”
    Really neat idea! I love that it all comes back to Jesus and the true reason for the season!

  15. Sarah

    I love this idea, Jenny!! Such a great alternative with the message of what Christmas is all about! Your kids are so cute and getting so big!!

  16. Angela Kim

    This is awesome Jenny! You always know the coolest Christian alternative products. Elf on a Shelf did turn everything about this pretend elf (lol), it lots its meaning after awhile for us too. Thanks for sharing this book!

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