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Rocksbox: Jewelry at Your Door

“All you need is love. But a little jewelry never hurt anybody.” -Abby Lowery

I love finding out about new delivery services. As a mom, who really has time to shop in a store these days?!? And even if we did have time, it is not as convenient or easy when toting around whinny toddlers in bulky strollers through tiny aisles while spilling cheerios and juice boxes. Let’s just be real here. That is why I have an obsession over companies that are bringing their products straight to my doorstep, with free shipping, of course.

Enter Rocksbox: jewelry at your door. It is a jewelry subscription that comes right to your doorstep (well, mailbox), that has you feeling like Christmas whenever you choose. You take a quick survey, pick out your favorite styles, then just like that a stylist picks 3 items for you to wear as long as you like. Ready to change it up? Swap your box to receive a new one whenever your heart desires. Find something you love and can not bear to send back? No problem! You can also buy any of the pieces that come in the box (at a discount of course)!

This was my first delivery box; can we just say I felt more excited than a kid waiting to open his presents on his birthday?!?


I loved this GORGEOUS Olivia & Grace aqua ring, I mean how could you not love it?!? It fit like it was made for me, like a glass slipper!;)


This Kendra Scott necklace in amazonite was the perfect match with the ring and simply stunning…


And these Gorjana wishbone studs were subtle but super on trend. I have very sensitive ears (they will itch profusely if I wear cheap earring) and I had no problem wearing these beauties all day long.


Rockin’ all my new jewels  for my hubby’s birthday. Cheers!:)

And guess what? Because I love you (no, really I do) I have a sweet discount code that you will get your first box for FREE!!! No strings attached! Use code: princessturnedmomxoxo to get your first month free. Try it and I swear you will never want to spend money on other jewelry again (especially the kind you only wear once with the dress you only wore once)! Come on, we have all done it. Rocksbox stylists hunt down the best designer brands, doing all the work for us, while we just get to bring on the compliments!

Oh and one last thing…did I mention shipping is FREE both ways?!?  And you can try your first box FREE with code: princessturnedmomxoxo. Ok, just making sure you heard that part! Now what are you waiting for?!?;)

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    I forgot to check the subscribe box ?

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