Princess turned mom, turned Princess again

“Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the Beauty of the story.” -Stasi Eldredge from Captivating

Growing up I always dreamed of being a princess, I mean what girl doesn’t? I remember watching my favorite Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, the list goes on) and pretending to be just like the princess who goes on this journey, finds her prince and lives happily ever after. Well, my dreams came true in more ways than one.

For more than seven years I had the honor to play dress up and live my childhood dreams. I literally got to be the princess I had watched so many times before, creating magical moments for people of all ages. But after falling in love with Prince Charming (literally), getting married and then having our first royal baby, I knew it was time to hang up the crown to take care of my family. Hence the name of my blog Princess Turned Mom. Well, this past weekend Princess turned mom, turned Princess again.

A fellow princess and friend of mine opened up the most amazing boutique on Balboa Island in Newport Beach called Once Upon an Island. It is a dream come true for every princess, no matter your age!;) I had the privilege to dress up once again to help celebrate and make a few birthday wishes come true. I had such a wonderful time, I can hardly wait for my own daughter to get a bit older so that I can take her to such a special place.

There are so many reasons to visit this princess boutique, but for me it’s really about the fact that your princess, or prince, has the opportunity to spend quality time with their favorite character. Every day there is a different princess experience that you can choose from; days like Mermaid Monday, Tea Time Tuesday, Frosty Friday, even Storybook Saturday/Sunday. imageimageThey offer princess make-overs in the adorable under the sea salon area where you can choose a hair style, makeup and even dress up in their handmade outfits and jewelry. imageOf course they have birthday party packages that you can pick and choose from a la carte menu making sure you have exactly what you need. There is a thoughtful parent lounge in the back with drinks and even a tv for the dad that might be missing his favorite football game! Not to mention there are mermaid tail rentals for all ages. There has been no stone unturned.image

I hope that I get to visit Once Upon an Island again soon both to fulfill more of my childhood dreams of playing princess, but also to take our little girl there to create magical memories she will never forget!

My sweet hubby did bring the kiddos so we could take a few photos together…IMG_7471IMG_7432

IMG_7455If you would like a chance to win a special trip to Once Upon an Island for an opportunity to meet a Princess follow both Once Upon an Island and Princess Turned Mom on Instagram, then leave a comment below to let us know. Winner will be picked by Sunday, November 1.

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  1. Danielle Johnson

    Amazing!! Following!

  2. Nicole

    Oh my goodness, what a small world! I just took my 2 and a half year old son to Balboa Island this past weekend and I saw that shop! We met a little girl at the park and she and her mom went into the shop to check it out, since we saw a girl dressed as a mermaid coming out and we were very curious! Do they have anything there for boys, as well? I’m also pregnant with my second son. Part of me hopes I’ll be able to have a daughter someday as well, so I can share these kinds of fun princess/dress up outings with her, too!

    • Jenny

      Awesome that you are a local OC mom!! I love finding other moms that live in the area! They do have prince type outfits for boys if they want to go and play as well. My son enjoyed going and playing with the swords!;)

  3. Dabriel

    Looks like such a fun place for me to take Leighton!!! Great pictures!!! Beautiful!!

  4. Nicole Kluve

    What a fun place, Charlotte would love it!

  5. Stephanie

    Omgoodness!!!! Jenny you look stunning!!! What a beautiful place to make precious memories!!!! I would absolutely LOVE a chance to go there!!! Will definitely follow Princess turned mom and Once upon an Island on Instagram. : ) Thanks for sharing, Jenny!!!! Pardon me, Belle. : ) xoxo

  6. Sue Hobbs

    “Once Upon an Island” sounds like a perfect place to celebrate! All the planing and details taken care of and you walk away with a great memory, with no clean up!! It doesn’t get better than that! 🙂

  7. Jen A

    What an adorable place!! My little girl would LOVE this!! Jenny you look gorgeous as always!! ??

  8. Nicole Frasz

    Hi I am following both on Instagram and I have two princesses that would love to visit the island!! Thanks!

  9. Scarlett cerutti

    Such a fun article to read! I’m gonna go follow the two Instagram accounts right now! I’d love for an opportunity for my little princesses to meet a real princess!

  10. Barbara Shideler

    Sounds like the most amazing place ever! Following both places on Instagram and i know just the occasion to use the prize if I win!

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