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“To be honest, I’m just winging it. Life, motherhood, my eye liner. Everything.” -Unknown

Becoming a mom you suddenly realize that your “before baby” regimen is completely unattainable and suddenly brushing your teeth, hair and throwing on your good sweats is the new norm. It’s just life. You realize this phase won’t last forever, they will grow up and be able to feed and dress themselves, they won’t want to play with you, go to the bathroom with you, hang on your leg as you try to pack lunch. They will eventually have a life of their own and you will suddenly have all the time in the world to do all the primping and pampering that you so longed for, but will probably wish for just one bad hair day and a dirty shirt for a little snuggle time with your baby.

Well, until that day comes, we mama’s gotta do what we gotta do. Here entails my first installment of a few favorite items that I could not live without. There are many things that make my life easier as a mom of 2 little kiddos, but when it comes to getting ready, it needs to be quick, easy, comfortable and cute. Cause “ain’t nobody got time for that.” haha!

So here is my a little list of my mom life must have’s, I hope you love them as much as I do!

  • I have come to realize that most days I am in jeans and a t-shirt so that I can run around on the playground and get dirty and I don’t worry that I have some “dry-clean only” adorable outfit on. So when it comes to jeans I have to say it is best to invest in a one great pair that make you feel good so you are not pulling them up all day or uncomfortable. My favorite jeans right now are by Paige jeans. I love the light color and the slight distressed bottom. They fit perfectly and make me feel like a million bucks. Totally worth the investment.photo1-13
  • For my t-shirt I want soft, comfy, but stylish…so let me introduce you to Andi from Lendmeyourkite. She is a hard working mama who just happens to make the cutest T’s around! I absolutely love my “Party like it’s nap time” shirt and secretly wear it to bed and then wear it out the next day (did I just say that out loud)?!? Head over to her website to check out all her awesome designs, you will thank me later.image
  • Next up would have to be my new favorite sandals that I have been wearing constantly. We all know and love Toms and the fact that they give a pair of shoes to someone in need each time you buy a pair, but did you know they make such cute sandals?!? I am loving these black strappy ones, they make me feel super “on-trend,” whatever that really means, and wish I could buy them in more colors!photo4-9
  • Now to share about the lovely hat I’ve been sporting lately (and when I say lately I really mean everyday since I got it in the mail). My “Mom Life” hat from momlifemusthaves is designed by the amazing mama Gina Kirk and she knows exactly what we mama’s need for a bad hair day (which for me is maybe 6 out of 7 days a week, on a good week). The hat is not only cute but comfy and breathable so I don’t get all sweaty wearing it! It’s a total mom win! Her shop is full of cute stuff, so don’t wait head over there now! And if you do I have a special prize for you…a discount code! Use the word “princess” at your checkout and you will receive 10% off your order. Now aren’t you glad you read the blog today?!?:)photo1-14
  • I don’t do much makeup anymore, but if I have just 5 extra minutes my absolute go-to makeup is the CC Cream from MaryKay, it is a 2-in-1 sunscreen & light foundation, so you get some coverage plus sunscreen, a total mom win. Then I slap on some of their lengthening mascara and lipgloss and that’s a wrap. Just those 3 items make me feel pretty put together.photo1-15

These are my mom life must have’s on a daily basis to make me feel somewhat put together. What are some of yours? I love finding new companies, especially if they are a small business or giving back in some way.

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  1. stephanie

    Love your list, Jenny! Great ideas! Will definitely check out! : ) Have any suggestions for a cute swim suit? Thanks again for sharing! XOXOXO

    • Jenny

      Just saw this…but I think you saw my suggestion on Instagram for a suit!;)

  2. Marie

    Great list! I’m taking notes, I’ve always loved hats but I think I’m going to love them even more now :). I may add sunglasses to the list; I’m anticipating little sleep and a great pair of shades will hide those dark circles & red shot eyes 😉

    • Jenny

      Yes! Sunglasses are a good idea, maybe that will be on my next list!

  3. Stacy

    Loving this whole list! Everything is great. I’m going to have to check out those sandals and I’m always looking for new makeup recommendations!

    • Jenny

      The sandals are great! And I have worn Mary Kay makeup since I was 13 and still love it. I think its a nicer than the drugstore stuff, but not as expensive as Mac or things you find at the mall.

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