Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party

It is said that “Wherever there are friends, there is a party!” Maybe that’s why I like to plan parties so much, I like to spend time with the people I love the most; my family and friends.

Today it’s all about my son’s Mickey Mouse 1st birthday party. I always start with a theme when planning a party, which wasn’t hard to pick because at about 9 months Colton started showing an interest in watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Maybe he secretly knew he had Disney blood in him (my husband and I both worked for the Mouse). I’m sure many of you can relate when I say we could sing along with every lyric of the show, knew every episode by heart and would pray that there might be a new episode on that week.

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I like to be thrifty and my husband is pretty crafty so once the ball got rolling it was hard to stop with this theme. It started with the invitations that we made by hand. It took a lot of time but not a lot of money. We just had to get some paper and a circle cutter (all from Hobby Lobby). Here is a picture of both sides. One had a pullout piece of paper with all the info, the other side had a picture of our little guy.



Next was the decor. I wanted to use a lot of pictures from his first year so we made a number 1 and filled it in with pictures and hung it outside for guests to view.

1st Birthday party

We also made a Mickey Mouse head and filled it in with pictures of our trips to Disney Land and some pictures from his first year photo shoot (taken by my amazing friend and photographer: Eyelet Images).

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party

Other details included a sign that read “Colton’s Clubhouse” just using card stock and pre-made banner cutouts from Hobby Lobby (I love that store).


I had a basket of Mickey Mouse ears for all the kids to wear. I bought the head bands from Hobby Lobby and then used a template I found online, traced the ears, cut & hot glued them to the headband. Then made a little sign that said “We’ve got Ears…Say Cheers!”

2013-09-07 14.00.41

We painted the word “ONE” in the color scheme to place on the mantel, actually the yellow color is just yellow tape.

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party

We saved diaper boxes and painted them like Mickey Mouse for the little ones to climb into and play. Some had books in them, others had a cut up pool noodle to jump into, others had hoola hoops, toys, etc… This added a lot of color to the back yard.


We made a couple fleece tie blankets to throw on the grass since babies don’t really need chairs to sit on (you have to think about who is coming to your party). Although we did have some chairs scattered it was nice people could just sit on the grass picnic style.


Another fun detail were the balloons we tied on our hanging lights above the grass to add more color.


For food we went with a “Hot Diggity Dog” Bar. If you watch Mickey you know every episode ends with that song. We did turkey dogs, chili, relish, cheese, mustard, ketchup, etc..along with watermelon, some chips and lots of cold drinks. It was simple but fun!


For activities I knew this age group wasn’t going to be able to do anything organized. So I had a box of things that said “Mickey Mousekercise” that had jump ropes, a basketball, a football, and DIY bowling pins that I made out of the snack puff containers. I also left out sidewalk chalk and bubbles for other fun things to do.


Of course we had desserts. I can’t take claim for doing all of this. We ordered the bottom of the cake from Cinderella Cakes here in SoCal and it was delicious. The top of the cake my mother-in-law & sister-in-law made as well as the cute cupcakes. I also made rice krispie treats and used a cookie cutter to cut them out with a Mickey Mouse shape, then stuck them on popsicle sticks.




For favors I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I saved the gerber baby food containers and made a label for the top of each one just by using address label stickers you can buy at Office Depot & print yourself at home. I did, however, order special stickers from Zazzle.com (if you have never checked out their website you should, they also do personalized stamps)! I stuffed each one with Mickey gummy snacks I found at Costco.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Here is an overview of the dessert table and mantel with me and the hubby! And of course we all wore clothes that were themed to Mickey, I mean how could you not?;)

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

And here are two final pictures; one of the birthday boy in his personalized onesie from an etsy shop called Bits&C (don’t we love Etsy? And the shorts were made by my amazing friend and seamstress Caroline) and a picture of all three of us…I can hardly believe our baby just turned 4! It feels like I just planned this party. Crazy how time flies. Hope you all enjoyed a trip to Colton’s Clubhouse!




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  1. Tracey Gomez

    Wow! You are very creative! I remember my son’s 1st birthday. A Sesame street theme party. And just like you, we also wore clothes that themed Sesame street. (Even the visitors.) ??

  2. Stephanie

    Absolutely love!! What a beautiful and adorable birthday party!!

  3. Marie

    It was like we were apart of a Mickey Mouse club! Thanks for a great party!

  4. LaurenY

    What a cute little party! I wanna come to your next one and maybe my girls could wear the bows they win from you ?

  5. Andrea

    So glad I found you through Lilly Belle Market and so glad I did!!! Love your blog!!!


  6. Andrea

    So glad I found you through Lilly Belle Market and so glad I did!!! Love your blog!!!

  7. Kelly Carrico

    Such a cute Mickey party! I found you through the bow giveaway on IG. Love your blog!

  8. Martha Udani

    What a fabulous birthday party! I have 10 months to step up my game before my sugarpie turns 1!

    Stopping by from the ig bow giveaway. @martha_anne808

    • Jenny

      Congrats on your new bundle of joy! Hope you can get some fun ideas from all my blogging!

  9. Elizabeth Weber

    You are very creative wish I was like that. Love your ideas

  10. Rebecca Vargas

    Love love love your great ideas, cannot wait to see the next parties you do. I also got some ideas for my daughter when she turns one next year! Excited

    Also entering a chance to win some wonderful bows for my girls

    IG: Becca08_

    • Jenny

      So glad you got some ideas and that I could help! Good luck with the bows!;)

  11. Rebecca

    I love this! Just got some ideas for my next baby girls first birthday like the number one with all the pictures, used pamper boxes and old gerber jars, beautiful. Cannot wait to see more of your work, excited.

    Loving the bow contest and hope to win some for my cute little girls ?

    IG–> Becca08_

    • Jenny

      Thank you so very much! I am so thrilled you got some good ideas for your next party! That’s exactly what I’m hoping to do…inspire others!:) Good luck with the contest…about to pick soon!

  12. Rebecca

    Love, love, love the party theme, can’t wait to see the next one!

    And of course Bows, bows, bows lol
    Entering to win some wonderful things made by an awesome mama for my two little girlies ?

    IG–> Becca08_
    EMAIL: tinybec9@aol.com

  13. Cherae

    Cheraeeexo on instagram

  14. Cherae

    Located you through the bow giveaway!

  15. Danielle Ganesh

    Entering for Instagram Bows super excited

  16. megahan

    Mickey mouse is an all time fav of both my girls! What an adorable party! I needed some of these ideas when I planned my daughters first birthday party (Minnie mouse) meghanengbretson@yahoo.com

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much! Hopefully I can pass along other fun ideas for parties in the future!:)

  17. Valeria

    You are so creative! I cannot wait to plan my baby girl’s first birthday party! Hopefully I can save some money & be as creative & crafty as you!

  18. Shaughnessy

    I’m a new follower thanks to the bow giveaway (which I have fingers crossed to win btw) but I LOVE planning parties for my kids and husband too, so I’m excited to see all of your creativity!

    • Jenny

      Awesome! So glad you found me! I love sharing ideas…so stay tuned! Good luck on the bows!

  19. kristie

    My boys love mickey!!! This is the cutest little party ever!

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much! Isn’t Mickey the best?! I hope he never grows too old for it!:)

  20. Natasha

    So cute and creative! I like your blog. I am a planner (not of this scale), but I like to plan everything. My husband is a go with the flow kind of guy. ☺

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much! If you love to plan as much as I do make sure you stayed tuned…you will love all the things to come!

  21. Susie Boege

    Wow! Now I’ve got serious birthday party goals for my baby girl! Awesome post! Thanks For the ideas! Sabriant@gmail.com

    • Jenny

      Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to stay tuned for more great party ideas as well as the other adventures we go through as a mom!:)

  22. Emily

    So many great ideas!! Thank you for sharing♡

    • Jenny

      Thanks for stopping by Emily! Hope you are doing great! So excited for you and your bundle of joy on the way!

  23. Amanda

    Jdramr27@yahoo.com entering for instagram! =) Cute, cute stuff!!

  24. Johanna Sandoval

    Wow your so creative!! Love the theme &how you DIY
    It looked like a fun party !Seriously party goals for sure what will be the next theme ?

    • Jenny

      Thanks for stopping by! Thank you for your sweet comments! Both my kiddos have September birthday’s so the planning is well underway…so stay tuned!:)

  25. Amber

    Cute ideas! As a party loving mommy blogger myself, I love it!

  26. Sarah

    Super cute party! I’m stopping in from the IG giveaway. 🙂

  27. Shaylin

    shaylinmulcock@gmail.com ♡ we would love to win those darling bows!

  28. Jodi

    This was amazing to relive!! Such a great first birthday for the cute little birthday boy… Great job Jenny! And I am extra proud of that Mickey collage 😉

  29. Caroline Rogers

    Great blog post! This party was so fun even for the adults, it was fun reliving it! I

    • Jenny

      Thanks Caroline! I had so much fun planning it and so much fun going through all the pics! Thanks again for putting your special touch on the party!;)

  30. Cameron Hutzler

    Another great post Jenny! And to think we could ever top CJ’s first birthday…somehow I know you’ll find a way! Here’s to a lifetime of party planning with my best friend…??

  31. Ashley

    Great job! You have adorable parties! #partygoals

  32. Roberta

    Your creativity never ceases to impress and inspire me!!! Love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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