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Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

“Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

I was gifted the Christmas cards shown below and use affiliate links in this post, but as always all opinions are my own!:)

This year not only did I want to take our Christmas photo’s early, but I wanted to have our cards ordered and ready to go before December was even here. Some of you might think I’m crazy, but since this time of year always gets so busy I am really trying to eliminate as much hustle and bustle so there is more time to slow down and enjoy the little moments.

Even before we were married we sent out Christmas cards, it is probably one of my favorite things to send in the mail all year. I look forward to deciding on the pictures, in fact I wrote an entire post on how to get great Christmas family photos. Once the photo’s are finished I then love to pick the theme and style of the card. I had always heard about Minted but had never tried out their services, until now.

Can we just say, wow?!? Minted is definitely a step above the rest. I could immediately tell when browsing the cards that my toughest decision was going to be how do I pick just one? I could have designed five different cards this year, but had to tone it down a bit and pick just one. Too busy or too overwhelmed by the options? They have a great service that if you text them a photo they will come up with five different designs for you for FREE. I love this option for anyone that doesn’t have the time, interest or patience to look at all the options. If you would like to give it a try, just click the picture below.

I love the designing aspect, so I am sharing a few pointers with you if you want to as well. It really is fun and the website is easy to navigate for anyone who doesn’t feel tech savvy.

First, decide how many pictures you want to use. You can usually narrow your search just by deciding how many images you want to fit on the front. If I want more than one photo on the front then I like to pick an odd number. For instance, I picked 3 photo’s this year, one larger than the other two balancing it out, I think this layout worked well for the photo’s I wanted to use. Remember, you can always use more images on the back. I also loved the gold embossing on this particular style, it is even more gorgeous in person.

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

Second, narrow your search more by deciding if you want something religious like a scripture, or Christmas/Holiday or even New Years. I always try to do a scripture or something more meaningful to our family and this year was no different.

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Third, decide if you want to add pictures or wording on the back of the card. I wanted to include photo’s from our big Disney vacation this year with a little description. You could do up to 12 photos on the back, technically one for each month of the year if you wanted. I think it is nice to do a little family update or include the ages of your children.

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

Lastly, you can also design your envelope. Normally I just go with plain white, but I couldn’t resist having our return labels printed in gold on the back as well as “kindly deliver to” on the front. You can actually have Minted print out all of your addresses, which would be ideal, but I needed more time to make sure all of ours were updated, so I opted to take care of that myself.

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

One extra thing I have never done, not even for our wedding, was to get personalized stamps! I went more simple and stuck with the design of our cards, but you can add a picture and have lots of fun with that as well.

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze

Minted is having some great discounts, like the one below. I highly suggest going and checking it out.

They also have some great stocking stuffer ideas, the cutest matching apron sets for kids and adults and of course some beautiful options for calendars for next year, which is right around the corner! You might just want to take a peak.;)

What about you? Do you love sending Christmas cards?

Making Holiday Cards a Breeze


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  1. Sue

    I am so impressed!! Not only do they help you design your card, they offer personalized stamps as well!! I’m not sure what my excuse will be anymore for NOT sending out Christmas cards!!! 👏👍

    • Jenny

      There are not too many reasons why you can’t get them done now, especially with how easy Minted makes it!

  2. Sarah

    They look beautiful!! You are so organized! I need to start mine! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ll check out Minted- looks like great quality!

  3. Justine @ Little Dove

    I love sending and receiving Christmas cards every year! Yours turned out beautifully and now I’m even more motivated o get ours done.

  4. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    We just got our Christmas cards too, love them! Now to gather address changes and add new friends we’ve made this year and put it all together! hehe. Great tips! Christmas cards are my favorite!

    • Jenny

      Good for you mama! I think updating all the addresses is the most time consuming!!

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