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“Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.”

If you follow me on Facebook, and if you don’t, its never too late, I like to do a segment call “Fashion Fun Friday.” I share different fashion finds, weather its a good deal, a life must have, or just some cute shoes that I could not live without. I have always loved fashion; I live for watching the red carpet on award show nights and can’t miss an episode of Project Runway. With that being said, my fashion expectations have also changed since being a mom. It is now not just about looking fashion forward, but it must be comfy, realistic to wear to the playground and no “dry clean only,” cause “aint nobody got time for that.” So today, I wanted to share some new things that I thought some of you would love as well.

My first new love is a company started by a good friend of mine from college. She began a Facebook boutique called Sweet Charity Clothing Co., which was the perfect name since we were all dance major’s in college and a portion of her proceeds go to different charities. She is now a wife and proud mom to three adorable children while running her own business. Here is a bit from Taryn herself…


“I started Sweet Charity Clothing Co. mainly as a way to give to others. There are so many people in so many places with so much less than us, it is a joy to share what God has given me. And really, who has time to shop anymore?!? I wanted to bring affordable, on-trend clothes to busy women’s Facebook feeds, so they could buy clothes with minimal time and effort. My hope is that Sweet Charity helps mom and women like me feel good by looking good and giving back.”


Taryn sent me a couple items from her shop and it was love at first sight! Then I put them on and I never wanted to take them off. The first item; a shirt with a mix of stripes and floral, I mean, my two favorite patterns put together, how could it not be love? But then you add the fact that if feels more comfortable than some of my pajamas and I wish I had ordered more colors.


Then she sent me this dress, not only is it super soft, and the fit is so easy, but it has  POCKETS! Not to mention I love the soft blush color (she also had this one in black and green and I wish I had all three). I love that I can dress it up with some heels or dress it down with a big hat and flip flops.




I think since Taryn is a young mom she really knows what is going to look and feel good on most women. She has such a good eye for new trendy styles and even takes suggestions from her customers. Now that you are in love, like I am, head over to her FB page to see what is new in the shop this week. She only gets a limited amount of each style, so you definitely don’t want to miss a thing. Plus, your purchase will also be helping a great cause, so its a win win for everybody!:)

My second new love is Lularoe. Some of you might be saying Lula what?? I know, don’t feel bad, I just found this company a few months ago and my obsession is growing. This is a large company, but the clothes are sold through individual fashion consultants, so it definitely feels more personal when you are buying the clothes. Most of the consultants are wives and moms working and hustling to get the dinner on the table just like you and me, so it feels good to buy from them knowing you are supporting another mom. But let me tell you that these clothes are smart. They only have a few select styles; 4 different styles of shirts, 4 styles of skirts, 4 styles of dresses, etc…but you are able to mix and match all the different clothes, which makes them all versatile and easy to coordinate. I was invited to my first online party and was a little lost at first, but after looking through the photo albums I was quickly hooked. Here was the first item that I fell in love with…


This is what they call the “Amelia” dress. It is a very flattering fit and of course I love it even more because of the pockets (if you haven’t figured it out by now I am obsessed with pockets)! Then I tried their famous leggings (which everyone told me felt like butter and I was like ???), but then I put them on and…BUTTER!! I just happened to find a matching mommy & me set and of course, it was love.


I will warn you , once you put these on, you probably won’t want to wear any other kind of pants! LOL! Here is the “Madison” skirt and a “Classic T” together, again so comfy, cute and love the pattern (plus it has pockets).


This “Lindsey” kimono I have been living in this summer. I throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt or over my bathing suit. Such a good addition to my wardrobe!


I could go on and on but I think you get the point, the LulaRoe clothes are awesome! And I have a very special deal for my readers. If you go find my friend Lularoe Stephanie K on FB she is giving everyone a 15% discount if you use the code LULAPTM. So go check out her page to see what she has in stock. And take it from me, if you love something get it because you may never see it again!

I hope you fell in love with some, or all, of the fun fashion today. Stay tuned for next week because it is my one year blogging anniversary and I have a huge giveaway planned where one lucky reader will win a pair of those buttery soft leggings!! You don’t want to miss out! And if you don’t want to miss another blog post ever again, and I’m sure you don’t, make sure to sign up for the email subscription!:)

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  1. Corina

    This was so fun to read Jenny! I want more where it came from! 😀 I am looking into Lularoe to see if my readers could benefit… your review was very helpful, and I love the items you’ve picked out 😀

    • Jenny

      I am so glad you liked everything! Lularoe is so much fun, but it can be a little addicting!;) Don’t say I didn’t warn you! LOL!

  2. stephanie

    Adorable!!! Love them!!! Thanks for sharing, Jenny!!! I see modeling in your future. : )

    • Jenny

      You would love all of these clothes, totally mom friendly! And I’m not sure about modeling, but thank you!;) XOXO!

  3. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    I just heard about lularoe a few weeks ago and now it’s everywhere! I want to get one too, I hear they are super comfy. And your friends boutique super cute!

    • Jenny

      Right?!? I feel like it picked up so much steam so quickly, but for good reason! The clothes really are super comfy and cute. Its a total #momwin

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