Cars 3 Fun Activity Sheets

“If you’re going hard enough left you’ll find yourself turning right.” -Cars

Rev up your engines and fill up your tanks because CARS 3 is about to speed into the movie theaters on June 16th, just in time for the beginning of summer. All your favorite characters are back in another super fun race to the finish line. Lightening McQueen is back on the track, but he is no rookie this time and finding it difficult to keep up with the next generation of race cars. Producer Kevin Reher says the story is very similar to real life athletes, “Do you go out on top or fight till the end?” I guess we will all have to watch to find out!

Cars 3 Fun Activity Sheets

In the meantime, to gear up for the big debut, I thought I would share these awesome activity sheets with all of you. Have your little car enthusiast create their own race course, spot the difference, race to the finish, challenge their memory and even help in the kitchen with a recipe for Corn Fritters. All you have to do is print them out and you are on your way to an afternoon of fun. Then come back here once you see the movie and let me know what you thought! I know we are super excited to make a family fun day of racing to the theater.

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Cars3_Make your own race course

Cars3_Spot the Difference

Cars3_Race to the FInish

Cars3_Memory Game

Cars3_Corn Fritters

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