A Surprise Disney Cruise

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” -Dalai Lama

We like to celebrate the small things in our home. It’s our way of making the ordinary seem exciting and to make sure we are living each day to the fullest. Which means we celebrate things like half birthday’s. It was something my husband starting when we were just dating and it just kind of stuck.

This year the hubby is turning the BIG 4-0! So I knew I needed to plan something pretty epic, but what could I do when: 1) he would probably be expecting something and 2) we have two small children? I knew my options would be somewhat limited since we don’t do too many things without them. I also knew trying to throw him a surprise birthday party was out of the question. I tried to do that for his 30th birthday and he ended up proposing to me at the party. He claims I am terrible at keeping secrets, which I guess is not such a bad thing, but hard when it comes to trying to plan a surprise party.

So what do you do when you can’t plan a surprise party, you have two young kids but your husband is turning 40? You be as sneaky as possible and book a surprise Disney Cruise to Alaska and plan to tell him on his half birthday when he would be least expecting it. So that it exactly what I did. I booked a 7-night Alaskan cruise for our family (and even some of our extended family has decided to go as well to add to the party). The excitement was killing me, but I was determined to keep it a secret until the big reveal.

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The day finally came and I planned it all out. We were to go on a big scavenger hunt that began at home getting dressed in our finest Mickey gear and heading to Downtown Disney. The first clue into our surprise Disney vacation.A Surprise Disney Cruise

The first stop at Downtown Disney was to Trader Sam’s; a cute pirate/tiki themed bar that comes to life with sinking ships and volcano eruptions. A clue that our adventure might include a ship.A Surprise Disney Cruise

Then we made stops at Haagen Das for ICE cream (get it, because Alaska is going to have ice) and even a stop at the Disney Vacation Club booth (to dream about all our future adventures).A Surprise Disney Cruise

A Surprise Disney Cruise

Finally we ended up at The Grand Californian Hotel where they have a model of one of the cruise lines in their lobby.  I handed him a small ship that said “you are not going to believe this” and on the back it said “we are going on a Disney Cruise.” A Surprise Disney Cruise

A Surprise Disney Cruise

I think it took him a while to let it all sink in, but as we started to look at our ports and talk about the adventures we are going to have he got even more excited. And I felt pretty proud that I was finally able to keep a secret!;) Thanks to everyone that helped me keep this a surprise and even to our good friends who helped me with the scavenger hunt.

And how cute are these suitcases my parents got the kids for the cruise?!? I’m kinda obsessed and want to get the matching set for us big kids!;) I linked the Mickey and Minnie suitcases and the Minnie Mouse Ugg boots in case you love them as much as me!!!

A Surprise Disney Cruise

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So tell me, have you ever been to Alaska? Would you ever plan a surprise Disney Cruise? This will be our first time and the first really big trip with the kids. Feel free to leave me any and all advice on things to do, port adventures that are a must (with young kids) and anything else you think I should know. I would so appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

How to plan a surprise Disney Cruise

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  1. stephanie

    Great idea, Jenny!!! What a very special way to celebrate!!! Wishing you guys an extremely magical time!!!

  2. Justine

    HOW FUN!! What a great idea for a 40th, I’m going to steal it in a few years when my husband turns 40.

    I heard Alaska was breathtaking. I’ve never been but going to see the glaciers is really surreal. Your kids are going to love it, my sister told me looking at the water and the glacier felt like Jurassic Park lol like a dinosaur would pop out at any moment

    • Jenny

      Thank you! Yes, steal away! And that is so funny about the Jurassic Park thing!;) LOL!

  3. Caroline Rogers

    Woohoo! No more secret keeping? Love all the pics and seeing it come to fruition!! Disney Cruises are the best!!

    • Jenny

      Thanks again for all your help!! Love you guys and hope you can come with us!!

  4. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    I’ve never been on a Disney cruise OR to Alaska so I am so excited for you!!

  5. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    OH my goodness how fun! My hubby is turning 40 this year too! I really want to go on the Alaskan Disney Cruise, but he says he thinks cruises are weird and he’s not sure how he feels being on a boat, I blame Titanic, haha, just kidding. I’m working on him, one day! I can’t wait to her about your adventures when you get back! My cousins went on that cruise and had a fabulous time! And want to go again.

    • Jenny

      OH my gosh…You HAVE to get him on a cruise! We did the Disney Mediterranean one before kids and it was awesome!! Maybe you could just book a small 3-4 night one to Mexico or up the coast?

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