A Real Mom’s Review of the new Beauty and The Beast

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast.”

I had the honor of seeing the much anticipated live-action Beauty and the Beast over the weekend and I was blown away. This movie is absolutely incredible. From the sets, to the costumes, to the special effects, to the new dance sequences, everything was breathtaking and had me at the edge of my seat. Without further delay I give you a real mom’s review of the new Beauty and the Beast.


There were new scenes (which I will not giveaway because you need to see this movie) that filled in the gaps of questions we have all had for years. And the way in which they created these scenes made it seem like they should have always been there.


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Of course I loved the additional music and choreography that is not in the cartoon, or even in the staged version. The characters did such a great job at pulling you in then tugging at your heart strings. The Beast and Gaston might have been my favorite characters, but Belle was sweet and simple just as I imagine her to be in real life.


I will warn parents with children under the age of six, or children that are very sensitive, I do not think, in my humble opinion, that they might be ready for this movie. There were scenes that literally had me jumping out of my seat. I often thought that my four year old would definitely have some nightmares about certain scenes, like the wolves. It is only rated PG which means “parental guidance” so if you go I would suggest warning your little ones, especially if they are scare easily, about how frightening the Beast is going to seem in real life. A cartoon is a whole lot different when it is turned into something much more real. The same goes with all of the scenes with the wolves, I am pretty sure they were more scary than the wolves in Twilight. LOL!;) I also would warn that the way they treat Maurice (Belle’s father) is a lot more intense than in the cartoon (without giving too much away).


Overall, I think this movie was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to watch it again and again! I also look forward to sharing it with my family, I just may wait a little while (or wait until is comes out on DVD and then fast forward through a few scenes). It really is my favorite love story of all time, so why not make it a date night?!? The movie officially comes out on March 17th and I highly suggest to go see it. I give it all the stars!;)

I’ve included some fun coloring pages for you and your littles. Just click the link, print and color away!

Belle and the Beast (click the link to print BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58ad0077b4a04 )IMG_1317

Belle (click the link to print BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58ad00649d1d7 )IMG_1318

Mrs. Potts and Chip (click the link to print BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58ad0027ce5f1 )


And for anyone that wants me to comment about all the drama regarding a certain topic in this movie, I will not. It was and is not an issue for me, I like to call that a non-issue, so please stop making it something it is not. Thank you!;)

*All photos credit to Disney Media except this one of me at the preview screening!;)

A Real Mom's Review of the new Beauty and the Beast

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  1. Kazue

    I loved the live action as well! But I agree, my 2-year old son is not ready for this. I would also like to show him the animation first, and then this.

  2. Lindsey Gage

    Thank you for the preview so to speak… Brielle talks over and over again how “It will be scary but it will be ok because it will all turn out alright!” Also we are printing the coloring pages now! So fun!!! Love you!!!

    • Jenny

      So glad she is prepped and ready to go! And love that you are printing the coloring pages!

  3. Erika Rodriguez

    I was questioning taking my 4 year daughter. I appreciate this review.

    • Jenny

      Thank you Erika. Glad it was helpful. You could always go see it yourself and decide if you think she would do ok.

  4. Stephanie

    So glad you liked it!!! Excited to see it!!!

  5. Caroline Rogers

    So excited to see it!! Thanks for the great review and no spoilers?

  6. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    Oh my goodness, you are too cute! How fun that you got to go see a preview of it! I was hoping we could take Mini Fox…but seems like it might be too scary…don’t want to scar her for life from it! Thanks for the review. We might have to do the same as you, wait for DVD and fast forward.

    • Jenny

      You could always go see it on a date night and then decide for yourself. I just have a super sensitive kiddo who gets bad dreams, so I have to be very careful!

  7. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    Thanks for the good review friend! I think the hubby and I are going to plan a date night to go see it without the kiddos. 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thank you! Yes! Date night seeing this movie would be perfect!!

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